We are currently collaborating with partners from various countries and utilizing our network to plan and research a viable international project. Our aim is to carefully consider all the variables that may arise during project planning, execution, and management, and prepare for them by conducting thorough investigations with specialized personnel.

Integrated Project System

From Plan to Success

Fund funding, business planning, business registration, etc., from business planning to overseas market development such as product production, advertisement, and customer discovery, as well as contracts, transportation, and customs clearance.

Accurate data

We provide only reliable and proven trade information based on tens thousands of business execution data obtained in special business situations such as each company or institution to date.

Business guarantee

We are exclusive contract guarantee system is designed to protect customers from accidental losses that can occur even by purchasing insurance for liability for loss of work for all business agency services provided by us.

What our Customers say

We achieve this based on high-quality trade data obtained by acting on numerous overseas business-related tasks of over 12,000 companies and 100 organizations. We will benefit your company by providing a full spectrum of global commerce, investment, and import/export compliance consulting & cooperation business.

Project Development Team

Our Values

NEOMAC HOLDINGS supports businesses to successfully expand into global market.

We develop customized assessments regarding international strategic marketing, lead generation, distributor information, and compliance.

The NEOMAC HOLDINGS market analysis mitigates international trade risk which is essential for businesses to become profitable.

We support clients’ projects requirements through strategic partnerships Globally and provide long-standing partnerships and business connections with the government, public and private sector internationally.


we can achieve our goals and create a positive impact in the international community.

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